Sharon Berebichez, Representation of a Classic Fabric, beads and fiber filling 60 x 70 inches


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Sharon Berebichez, born in México City, lives and works in Miami. She is noted for her highly-inventive techniques and use of materials. Growing up in Mexico, the artist was surrounded by the most vibrant histories and traditions, with a devotion to the brilliant colors, fabrics and textures that define her culture. Using materials such as acrylic and oil paint, fabric, paper and resin, she creates works that are realistic, colorful and alive. Playing with the fact that she paints something in order to destroy it, she breaks the painting into little pieces so she can put it back together making a more complete and profound image. Sharon is a passionate artist that likes to approach the subjects of the critical moments we are going through as a society and with all the environmental challenges we are facing. She incorporates in her work old pieces of wood or frames to always remind the viewer to be mindful of their roots. 

Sharon uses her art as a method of deconstruction of the female meaning in society. The assumptions implicit in the fact that we are born women. She believes that as women, we are fighting to find our place, the way we see ourselves and the way we are portrayed to the rest of the world. However, we no longer stay quiet or in the background. We can still be heard without losing our femininity, beauty and maternal instincts in a way that we are fragile and strong at the same time.