SOLD: Robert Catapano, Blond w/ Blue Flower, Acrylic


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Robert was born in 1949 to Dominick and Antoinette Catapano in Brooklyn New York.  He is a self-taught artist.  He began drawing and painting as a child.  He says he did it as a way of expressing himself for his own enjoyment.  His first works were in a realistic style, mostly portraits or still-lifes.  He was praised for his early works but never received any personal fulfillment.  Later in his teens, he started to do very abstract work, eventually coming upon his own representational style.  This style felt more natural to him and gave him more satisfaction. 

Robert Catapano is represented by Rolando Chang Barrero at The Box Gallery in West Palm Beach.
Catapano's work has been shown at Art Palm BeachArt Boca RatonArt Synergy, and other Modern and Contemporary Art Fairs.

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