• Live Performance by Ignatius


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    Live Performance by Ignatius

    A European painter born in Spain, Ignatius sees his paintings as a means of expressive communication, and with each piece he paints to break the monotony of the 2-dimensional world. His goal to capture and engage the viewers’ minds drives his work, so his paintings evoke memories and real human connections.

    From his childhood he fell in love with the art of the hand of his father, a mathematician who was also a painter. Influenced by the Informalism -Spanish Abstract Expressionism- with artists like Antoni Tapies or El Paso group, he began to work with material expression. 

    When he was 21 years old, he traveled to London to learn about the Conceptualist movement with the Young British Artists (artists like Damien Hirst, Tracey Emin, Sarah Lucas ...)

    Throughout his life he alternated the practice of medicine -he is a surgeon-, with his painting, and in Europe he basically worked on commission.

    Ignatius turned exclusively to art when he immigrated to the United States 7 years ago. He has lived in both Los Angeles, where he received university training, and South Florida, where he engages with the art scene in Miami 

    His Agent is based in NY. 

    In the last 4 years he did 2 Solo Shows (New York, Agora Gallery / Cultural Council of West Palm Beach) and three exhibitions (2 in Miami, Art Basel / Art Expo New York)

    His experiences, the fact of being a physician and his process of intellectual evolution, are clearly reflected in the different styles that he has developed over time.

    Ignatuis’ intellectual approach to art has taken him through the exploration of various multi-dimensional topics, from the differences of socio-cultural behavior between men and women around the world, to experimental works about quantum mechanics and the nature of reality, to the new post-COVID changes in Society and Art.