David Godlis: Lounge Chair with Dog, 11 x 14 Black and White C-Print


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GODLIS is an artist photographer based in New York City specializing in Punk, Cinema, and Street photographs.
In 1974 he visited South Florida and created the notable series of images now on exhibition at The Box Gallery in WPB.

Goldis came to South Florida during a break in the summer of 1974 while attending school in Boston.
After finishing photo school in Boston, he went to New York City in 1976 looking for work. One winter night, he stumbled into CBGB's to see the band Television
"It wasn't very crowded - in those days you could fit everyone who went to the place in one or two subway cars. But it didn't take a genius to figure out that this was the most interesting thing happening in New York City in 1976. The right people were attracted like flies, the wrong people didn't want anything to do with the dump. Pretty soon i would see The 
Ramones, BlondiePatti SmithRichard HellTalking HeadsSuicideand countless other bands, where in the most unlikely of places, the slumping New York City's infamous Bowery,  a small group of like minded musicians and artists had their sights set on the future." 

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David Godilis' New Book "History is Made at Night is also now available at The Box Gallery
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