Untitled (#20) © J.R. Ringdahl Oil, Wax and Resin on Canvas 54"x54" 2010


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J.R. Ringdahl

The paintings are an amalgam of subtle color shifts and a lush gestural abstraction that combined with a wet, glossy surface enhances the internal, layered composition and reflects the surrounding environment.

These paintings are slowly built up from layers of oil paint that are frozen by thin layers of clear resin, this gives each work a deep, diaphanous effect. Intuitive draftsmanship is evidenced by the variety of structural elements that range throughout the works. Stripes come and go, fade in and out, mixing with the organic compositions that emerge from the layers. Some paintings evoke soft fields tamed by dark contrasting blocks of color. The edges of others barely contain a universe of swirling color.

This exploratory body of work is evolving into a series that expands and challenges the visual vocabulary that precedes it.