Desaparición bosque nativo, Colibrí Cabecicastaño (Disappearance of native forest, Red-headed Hummingbird), By Moises Morales Duque, Limited edition prints. 13" x 13"


 Técnica: , mixta; acumulación de rastros pictóricas de acciones humanas, vinilo, crayón, marcador, carboncillo y acrílico sobre Lienzo crudo, 25 Limited Edition Print 

Medidas: 13 x 13 pulgadas 

Precio: $260 

“THE ENVIRONMENTAL WORK" By Moisés Morales Duque (Colombia)
Opening Reception Saturday, September 25, 2021 7 PM
Location: The Box Gallery,
811 Belvedere Rd.,West Palm Beach Florida 33405
Exhibition dates:
September 25, 2021- October 30, 2021

From hummingbirds to palm trees, Colombian artist Moisés Morales Duque, has created a collection of aesthetically beautiful and complex visual works on canvas chronicling the devastation caused by climate change in Colombia. He is a recent graduate from Faculty of Arts and Humanities from University of The Andes in Bogotá, Colombia claims that his greatest concerns is the preservation of endangered species within flora and fauna of his homeland. 

"I want to show an other side of the hispanic culture- the side that breaks away from the stereotypical presentations during Hispanic Heritage Month. I want to show the relationship between the sacred and the profane that I believe we all share. I'm very excited about showcasing Duque's paintings. This collection of paintings truly allows us to choose a contemplative place within the paradigms of life or death where we can smile or mourn- alone or as a collective. The work of Moises Morales Duque accomplishes that." 
- Rolando Chang Barrero, curator