Brigitte Balbinot, Adagio Limited Series of 9, oil on canvas, 12" x 12" each


Growing up in Europe, I hold a deep sense of rooting into the historical which has a definite influence on my work. Following my intuitive sense, I dive into the patient layering of materials, drawing inspiration from the subconscious. The canvas is space for exploration. Minimalist abstraction is about bringing order to complexity, only then can imagination happen. Constantly bombarded with information, the simplicity of the work allows the mind to take pause, encouraging peace and clarity of thought. My aim for depth and textures symbolize a deep emotional response to the universal and the primal, leading the viewer into a state of contemplation and possible reflection. Objects such as parchment, stones, marble anything that holds energy feeds my inspiration. Working out of my two studios, Florida and the Province of Quebec, and dividing my time between the old and new continent, I am able to continuously draw from my childhood influences. Painting isn’t an action but is me simply being.