Brian Cattelle, Photograph, St.Marie Hospital 07 | St. Marie MT, 24" x 36"


This Image is part of a larger body of work by Brain Cattelle
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Rolando Chang Barrero Fine Art Gallery
711 Lucerne Avenue, Lake Worth, Florida

About Brian Cattelle and Bare-USA
 is the brainchild of Brian Cattelle. His alluring black and white fine art images are a sophisticated blend of nude models interwoven within the environment of man-made decay. These multi-layered images contrast natural beauty with chaos and destruction—with a model cleverly hidden beneath the shadows of decay and ruin.

To create these stunning photographs, Cattelle travels all around the United States in search of incredibly unique abandoned structures. Once there, his adventurous and extremely brave models follow him through long forgotten buildings and structures and strip naked. The journey for Cattelle “is about rejuvenating some of the places past glory by injecting natural beauty.” -Liberato Unzipped