Andrew Hollimon, "Musing VII" , 30" x 40", acrylic on canvas


I accomplish each art project with focused attention to a personal belief the eye is a portal to the mind's sensory zones. If the eye fails to linger on the piece, any opportunity for delivering a message, and or sale, is significantly diminished. My work processes start with one underlying tenet.

“The eye is a portal to sensory perception; the hammer will only find the nail that stands out.”

As a portal to the human psyche, piquing interest initiates a process that facilitates human consumerism. Each piece forms from mental imagery, to detailed drawing with full anticipation of completed work focused on a goal of inducing a smile, garnering a question about “inspiration”, or the penultimate comment: “Nice work.” The ultimate compliment for any piece of art is the purchase. 

Once the sensory zones are excited (color, message, theme), the existential reality of humanism leads to the purchase of art. 

My pieces draw attention while delivering a message augmented by titling. Realism and a bit of surrealism, when coupled with (color, message, and theme), and infrequent insertion of sculptured modeling paste, have proven successful when accompanied by effective marketing.