Alberto Piloto, Ochun, Orishas, 25" x 20" , oil/mixed



OsunOrigin: Celestial

Catholic Syncretism: Our Lady of Charity

Celebration: September 12

Garments: Yellow or amber, with gold trimmings

Beads: Amber or honey colored beads, with yellow, green, red, with coral

Ritual implement: Brass bell; a fan ornamented with peacock feathers

Sacrifices: Castrated goats, hens, pigeons, and guinea hens

Taboos: None generic, though some of her roads do have specific proscriptions

Ritual Numbers: 5


Studied fine art and classical ballet in Cuba.
Upon graduating as a fine artist and a dancer, he joined
The Alonso Ballet Company in Camagüey, Cuba, where he was allowed performed several international tours alongside the Prima Ballerina Alicia Alonso.

His dual career ended after a crippling fall.

Being a religious scholar of African Culture, his studies and research, led him to produce a 30 year series resulting in
the most complete painting series of THE YORUBA RELIGION,
The PANTHEON Series, The ECHU Series, Las Estampas de Cuba series, and Los Arleqinos series.

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