Traveler Overview: Excellent! 5 Stars.

"Illuminating Beauty. Exhibits induce Awe and empathy Rooted in Community and real friendships the ART is transformative!"

"Great energy in this gallery ! Rolando keeps the space changing and alive with a diverse selection of installations. 
Definitely worth a visit !"

Excellent! 4.7 Stars

"Always on the cutting edge, always on point. Rolando the curator, himself a great artist, is also very active in the community, pushing the art scene in Palm Beach County forward in every way. We are fortunate to have such a gallery here in West Palm Beach!"

"One of the best Art Galleries in town. There's too much going on here every month. The owner, Rolando is such a charismatic nice person."

Excellent! 5 Stars
Rolando's Galleries, all of them, always have something fresh and amazing to look at!!! Turning events into a spectacle and making Art personable again, also frequent NEW events!!! He is an approachable Art Gallery Owner, always interested in showing great Artworks!
He is a refined artist himself!
ALL his galleries have something to talk about in them, and sometimes surprises me beyond belief what I see in them!
 A+ Artwork! If live out of town just look to social media to try find something interesting, I sure did and am more than delighted!!!
Artistic Innovator!!
"Five years ago, that person arrived in Palm Beach County and his activism, leadership and energy ripple through the arts community. After he opened his studio in Boynton Beach, Rolando Chang Barrero helped to initiate the Arts District there, started Art Synergy, exhibiting local artists along with the Palm Beach and Boca Fine Art Shows. Next, he opened his eponymous gallery on Lucerne Avenue in Lake Worth and this June, launched his fourth art endeavor here: The Box Gallery with 4,000 square feet of exhibition space on Belvedere Road." --Katie Deitz, Florida Weekly, 2016, 8-11
Excellent! 4.9 Stars
"Helping make Belvedere Road into an arts destination! Box Gallery is out there working to bring artists and art lovers together."
"A Gallery that has ART at it's finest and original "outside the BOX" one of a kind pieces that will not see anywhere else! The exhibitions are by far a must see and to experience at least once!"

The Box Gallery

811 Belvedere Road
West Palm Beach, Florida 33405

Contact:, or call 786-521-1199.

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